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March 20, 2010


Big Dot

Great work, oh brave pioneer! 'Eye of Sauron' nails it, I think. My husband loves that glutinous artficial pie filling, too - it must be a man thing.

The trouble with the pie crusts (apart from collapsing) is that you end up with triple-thickness base in the middle. What you need is pie RINGS. Or holy pies. Holey. Perhaps you could cut rings out of a cake. Then it would be cake-pie pie. Wouldn't that be the next level?




I so think you should post that on "My Food Looks Funny" as the All Seeing Pie!

Anyway, I'd eat it. And I see no reason why a tripie Refrigerator edition should not work marvelously.


Big Dot - Yes, he wrinkled his nose at the fresh tasty blueberry pie his mom made because it wasn't gooey enough. Hm. Cake pie rings. Edible aluminum, essentially. Hmm.
Magpie - awed at the beauty. I understand.
Sherri - I think next weekend will be the frozen TripPie.

Hot Mom

Even my two carbon foot-kids and eight potential carbon foot-grandkids wouldn't eat that.

I can give you Daphne's mud pie recipe. Two types of ice cream, chocolate graham crackers, fudge topping. Yum.


Hot Mom - I didn't eat it. It was hideous. Daphnes mud pie sounds good though.


I commend you for creating anything this unique. Not that I'd eat it, mind you.


Caroline - I'm really gearing up for something unique later this week, but it's a secret.

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