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March 15, 2010



Bask in the 96%. I still am, 40 years after scoring 95% for English School Certificate when I was 15.

(As I got only 61% for maths in the same set of exams, I just had to change 30 to 40.)


I did my census forms this morning. Kind of a let down after all the hype. I don't understand, though, why I had to put both my age and my birthdate.


Big Dot - "Maths" - I wish I'd ever had a chance to say "maths" - sounds so much better than 'math.'
Christy - Yes! We all said that at the same time too!


Yes, to me that always sounds like a Catholic with a lisp.


Big Dot - heh! I was a Catholic with a lisp at one time.

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