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March 18, 2010



Hostess lemon pies used to be my very favorite.

But then I became a vegetarian, and Hostess uses lard in their snack treats.

I haven't been the same since. :-(


Concentric open-topped pies with wavy crusts! Say, apple, then rhubarb, then ginger cream in the middle! It would be pretty... AND impressive.


Lard! I LOVE lard!


Right! Do pie crust barriers and fill each circly part with different pie filling! Pie pie! Brilliant!


Yeah, Big Dot has the idea. Need pictures when finished, please.


Dave2 - Yum, lard. Actually all I know of lard is that Oreo centers are lard and sugar.
Big Dot - I've never heard of ginger-cream pie, but I believe Gary had your construction in mind when he brought home six pie crusts and 12 cans of pie filling. Oh, and now I must google "ginger cream."
Hattie - Laaaaard. Another lard fan. And now that I know I don't know how lard tastes I MUST TASTE IT.
Tami - Gary brought cherry peach and blackberry pie filling, so there will be three circles of pie
Magpie - I will photograph the whole process.


I clicked through to say exactly the same thing: you can make one big pie with several smaller pies inserted into it. Try par-baking the smaller pie crusts in their tiny tins, then take 'em out and put them in in the larger pie.

Think in terms of coffer dams... tiny flaky pastry coffer dams.


Elsa - I swear, I think I'm familiar with the English language until I read the comments here ...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cofferdam
Oh- and Gary bought four types of filling (add strawberry) so there will be four cirles of pie. Seems like there should be seven.


Google may let you down about the ginger cream - I made it up, I think. It sounded American, and as if it would go with both apple and rhubarb.

Weren't there nine circles? I never did classics, what would I know.


Big Dot - Oh, no, http://www.mccormick.com/Recipes/Desserts/Mile-High-Ginger-Pie.aspx
I think you always hear "seventh circle" for the alliteration. And you are right, there are nine, of whcih the third circle is gluttony.


I should've learned by now to never be drinking/eating while reading your blog...HOWEVER...I was sipping my Dr. Pepper and got to the last few sentences and nearly laughed DP out of my nose. Ahhh yes. Good times.


Autumn - I don't know why, but Gary thinks the Hostess pie is cheating. So no pie / Jello combo for him.

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