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March 24, 2010



3)You mean like they're cover of "McDonald's Girl" or "When Doves Cry"? What about "Trust Me"? Does that count, or does it not count because it's an EP?

Anyway, tell Gary now that he should contact me if you drop into a coma, I've got all this stuff on my iPod.

2) I pronounced it "Kee-noh-Ah" for years before hearing "keen-wah". Boy is my face red!

3) I like the glasses.


The glasses do NOT make you look fat. They do make you look sleepy. Your face isn't scary at all. I like the whole combination.

Erin G.

I like the glasses! They are CUTE!!


Tami - Oh, Trust Me is my least favorite of their songs. Yeah, I think the only one I've never heard is Back.
Sherri - She caught me mid-blink. Hopefully I'm more alert usually.
ErinG - Well, they are young and 'sporty.' Sigh.

Big Dot

No, not fat at all. Young and trendy! Myself, still in denial after 30-odd years (read 40), I go for the rimless, no-glasses glasses - but I admire people who dare to be stylish.

That sticker beneath your left eye gives exactly the same effect that I achieve when I attempt to apply mascara, by the way.


I've never even heard of "Back". I am so ashamed. And my least favorite BNL song is "When You Sleep". That song is not for me.


I'm right there with you on hearing the new album all at one time. I guess I must have heard a couple of them last summer when they played them live, but I have not actively sought any of them out online. I'm looking forward to a big sitdownandlisten on Tuesday.
However, these extra-bonus-BNL nuggets that don't appear on albums? those I do seek out.
The new glasses look great!


Hey, you are really cute! And young! Lucky you!


Big Dot - There were no rimless glasses in the shop, I swear to you.
Tami - Thats the one with "Your fontanelle pulses" and I always thing of it as the "frenulum" song, only of course that's "Theres a Name For That" off the snacktime album.
Kristie - Maybe Steven will put "Yes Yes Yes" on a new CD, or "She's on Time." Well, not "She's on Time," nothing goofy, only Art.
Hattie -Just a flattering photo. 47 and getting older. I like your photo on your page. I can't tell your age at all.

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