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March 16, 2010



Ha. Lucky me, I own a 2007 Camry. I have been practicing knocking the gear shift into neutral. It's actually very easy because this is one of the things that happens if I even wave my hand over the gear shift.

I've been seeing a lot of Minis lately, going about 85 - 90 mph on the highway to work. Vroom!


Years ago, when my Very First Car was nearing the end of its life, it developed weird carborator problems which included moments of uncontrolled engine racing and acceleration. It was an automatic, so I learned to drive with one foot on the brake and to shift into neutral until it settled down. Then the brace in the driver's seat broke and I needed a milk crate to keep the seat up. Then someone tried to break into the car, busting the door opening mechanism on both sides, so I had to get in through the hatchback.

Ah, youth.


Silly Ellen - in Speed, the whole point was that the bomb would go off if the bus went less than 50 miles per hour. Running out of gas and stopping is included in the set of "less than 50 miles per hour". That totally wouldn't work.


Just saw a thing that made me think of you



Good thing we have Midway across the river. Of course, the drive there might be enough to run you out of gas.


My recurring dream is of being behind the wheel of a car that won't stop, no matter how hard I stand on the brake. No drama though because I'm only ever going at about 5mph, and never crash.

It's mildly discomforting. Pretty much a disgrace in the nightmare world.


Becs - Yes! I keep thinking that. 90mph isn't that bad on the highway. I'vve gone 90, hell, Ive had it pinned at 110 for 20 minutes in my old escort, which only went up to 110. 90. Babies.
Sherri - My first car only played the radio when I was in reverse. Yours sounds worse.
Tami - Well, we could refuel in the mud pit.
Sherri - Wilma has made those! Chow Mein noodles and peanut butter.
Caroline - I would use the one off Page, wouldnt you?
Big Dot - Like my nightmare of being at work in my slip.Not naked. In my slip and underwear.


Not big enough. It's for teeny tiny planes and only has one small runway. You could always just drive circles on 270/255. People go that fast and wouldn't think twice of you cutting between lanes.


But does Wilma do the eyes? There's a separate recipe for the eyes, which I think pretty much make those cookies wonderful.

I'm still working out why Flying Spaghetti Monster cookies make me think of you. I don't think I've ever heard you mention His Noodly Appendage, have I?


Caroline - I'll stick with the muddy field; perhaps I could circle the Mills mall.
Sherri - Well, Spunky calls me The Appendage. And no, Wilma doesn't do the eyes. Food can't look like an animal. She cuts up the turkey so no one can tell it was once a bird.


Must be all Spunky's fault. She has far too much psychic control over me.

I can sorta understand Wilma's point of view. In general, I do not like my food to have eyes. However, in the case of cookies, I'll make an exception. I want a cookie to see the horror, since I will see the horror next time I am so unlucky as to pass naked in front of the bathroom mirror.


Sherri - I love my food to have eyes. Lobsters in particular.

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