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March 19, 2010


Rachel from the cruise

I'm super excited! (Also John Cusack-- couldn't ask for more). Are you going to see them on tour? I'm thinking road trip! : )


Rachel - Gary and I are headed to Tulsa for Mem. day weekend, and then spending some time in Lexington. We went with KY instead of Davenport, even though IA is closer. I have faith they'll be in saint louis, though, when they announce the rest of the tour.


I fell asleep while Heidi Montag was on, so I missed it last night. Thank goodness we can see everything that happens on tv on the internet now. :)


Kristie - That girl is scary. I imagine she and Ed had a nice talk backstage.


Holy crap, Heidi Montag looks like a flotation device. Bad, bad, bad.


I have tickets for the May 8th show in Atlantic City (working on getting a cheap hotel room), and I'm totally going to see Hot Tub Time Machine, now.


Tami- I know. It didnt seem that bad from the clip.

Rachel From The Cruise

I like your theory about them adding St. Louis to the tour. I'm thinking I need to just take a road trip and enjoy two concerts! : )


Rachel - How about Nashville? I've got Gary for two shows but I could add on Nashville. And hey! I bet I could get another CD!

Rachel from the cruise

You definitely need another CD! I do too- I need the last bonus song : ) I mean what kind of devoted fan am I? I'm slacking with my four copies!
As I listen to this CD I do think that I can't live without seeing them. I like the KY date because it's on a Sat. My friend Casey would go with me and we could meet you to say hi. Or Nashville would be good too. Let me figure out work details and get back to you.


Rachel - Oh, like we'd have to schedule a place to meet! Remember the cruise? Remember the Mike Birbiglia concert? I'm just THERE and then you stand next to me. But, let's see what happens if it's official.

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