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March 25, 2010


Big Dot

Nah, not tempted: I'm still not able to eat an American breakfast without painstakingly separating the hotcakes and syrup from the bacon and eggs. That's main course and pudding right there on the same plate. Bacon is SAVOURY.

Does this early posting mean that you're heading off to bed at a sensible hour? I'm back to reading it with my afternoon cup of tea!


Bacon! Want!


This weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday!


Oh, man, now I'm hungry .....


Big Dot - That means you've never had bacon or sausage when the maple syrup gets on it. That is SAD.
Magpie - Bacon! Make!
Schmutzie - I am so proud of the Pie of Sauron now I can't tell you.
RockyCat - Go get some bacon!

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