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February 02, 2010



In my defense, I only read a few tweets that didn't mention why you were meeting.


I always sound so much smarter and snappier in my imaginary conversations.


I don't just have imaginary conversations: I have interviews. On television. When I'm promoting my (prize-winning) book. (That I haven't written.)

I'm so witty and assured and entertaining (also pretty): it's marvellous.


.75 - Oh, I know. That wasn't for you. But if you'd read this and then you'd asked I would have been ready for you.
Sherri - Whereas in real life you're probably like me: making exaggerated facial expressions with my mouth just gaping.
Big Dot - Oh, suuuuure you "haven't written" your award winning book. You know someone finds your blog and wants to publish it un-edited. We all have those thoughts. What, are you better than the rest of us?

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