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February 15, 2010




Well, shoot. That's supposed to be a link to Oddee.com. Anyway, skating isn't the only sport in which vaginal presentations are prevalent. Gary will love it.

(go to the 12 most embarrassing moments in sports post)


I sat in a ballet studio with a mess of medium sized kids and watched their shock/glee/titillation/horror as the boy picked up the girl and came straight at them with her spread eagled crotch. So, ballet too.


I thought for sure the first photo was from "Blades of Glory". It's just that ridiculous.

Erin G.

I hadn't quite coined those moves as "vaginal"...but I definitely noticed the third one (frontal) showing up in every pairs number over the weekend. Every time I was like, "No. That's....not pretty. Ever."


Shania-No, the link's good. All right there in your face. I just want to put panties on all of them.
Magpie - and swing dancing, don't forget that.
Becs - Oh, Gary loved that move!
Erin G - Sadly, the men do not use that move in their solo routines. But somehow, they are able to do it in a pair with a woman.


What about the crotchal backflip?


Hattie- oh, what about the speed skating relay ass-pat?

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