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February 03, 2010


jessica fantastica

I thought the article was pretty funny. So far I haven't developed a complex about my fun zone. Hopefully The Makers of These Terrible Things will keep at it! I wouldn't want to be a beauty failure. sigh


This would be an appropriate time to tell the story about "Listen, Daddy, it's talking to you." But on second thought, would rather not.


"6. Problem: Your Vagina is the Wrong Color / Solution: Vaginal Bleaching and Dying "

Have you read this?


Harmonica. The mind boggles. Is Bob Dylan coming to visit?


Jassica fantastica - Unless it's being given butterfly kisses why would anyone be looking at it anyway?
Becs - Tease.
Kathy - Oh! Never heard of I Asshole before but THAT explains the post title on Steam Me Up the other day. Thats another one for the favorites.
Magpie - Sure, but let's make it a very young Bob Dylan.

Sugared Harpy

I liked the comment about having a vagina colored vagina....I have NEVER thought about half of these things. And ew, mint flavored vagina sounds HORRIFYING.


Sugaredharpy - I know - I don't want a blast of mint there


I have a story??


3 - well, it works better when you act out you sisters (or was it a roomates) reaction, but didn't she spray herself with the FDS without shaking it up first?

Sabrina Moore

Vaginal bleaching is indeed needed to lighten that sensitive section. It is both sensitive and safe! Best of all, it makes you feel better than ever.


Sabrian Moore - First, hello! And I think I only question the word "needed."

Jennifer West

So, what more can a vagina ask for? She has all the solution to her problems right here on this list. Hehehe. Hmmm... I'd love to see (and hear) that vaginamonica. =)

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