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February 04, 2010



I'm torn between a snarky comment about the red polish, and the secret hope that the SmartWool socks are winnin.

Big Dot

Remarkable! BOTH Cashmere socks gone together? Must be a first. Or maybe they've been stolen, being so expensive and all.

And, you will be mending that hole, won't you? No actual darning required, by the look of it.


Maybe Gary stole the cashmere socks.

And it looks like the Wigwam socks just had a seam come loose.

And girl, what is with that pedicure? Ick.


Magpie - "No," I thought, "This is breaking news. PEOPLE WILL UNDRSTAND my toes look bad because I am at work and I have the winter toes."
Big Dot - No. I was not clear (it being breaking news and all). Only one sock was lost, but at %65 a pair that is $32.50 per sock. Of course, the two pair I have are different colors, so it is an essential loss of $65.
Becs - And yes, a seam came loose, but I have six other pairs of other brands that do not have a seam loose. Spending is better than mending!


Toe Porn!


I really hate that this happened to the "made in America" sock.


~Silk - Accidental toe porn. Even sexxxier!
Becs - I worked tangentally at the auto plant in Fenton Mo. My experience with American workers is that half are all drunk, all day.


Big Dot, I made the suggestion to darn the sock, but the response was "pfffffffftttt." The look I got said "Did you hit your head on something hard?"


3 - I would darn that sock if it was the last sock in my drawer, but right now I have plenty of other sock options AND it should be noted that regardless it was the first sock to fail. Oh, and I found the other cashmere sock in my underwear drawer so now I am up $32.50.


(3 - That's funny, because I actually DID hit my head on something hard [ http://travelskite.blogspot.com/2009/12/ant-vs-grasshopper.html ] - but I was brought up so frugally, I would have said it anyway. Pfffttt - Depression/WW2 parents.)


Whoa, Spunky has really let herself go. She's kind of the Lindsay Lohan of toe porn.


Jammies of the Immaculate Valentine's-themed pedicure.


Big Dot - Did YOUR Mom cut the papaer towels in half so she'd have twice as much? I'm a reaction to the WWII parents. I just found their ration cards. (In a special leather ration card case. Frivolity!)
Jammies - Burrrrrn. Hey! Spunky is ON VACATION in the winter. Even a Toe Porn Star gets some downtime. Plus, she was researching a role.


Paper towels! Sheer profligacy!

We washed plastic bags for re-use. And had home-made sanitary pads made from torn-up old sheets and towels.


Big Dot - Oh. Mygod. I started right on the cusp of the sanitary belt, so I was all about the adhesive, cost be damned.

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