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February 24, 2010



Yes, it is MUCH cheaper to fly into Buffalo, rent a car,and drive to Toronto. We've done it twice. Just try to drive in either way before or way after a weekday 5 pm. That gets nasty.

No snow here. Just wind.


I'm in upstate New York (Binghamton, to be exact), and we're getting clobbered at this very moment. The Weather Channel even sent in an on-air reporter - such excitement!

I vote for Snowmageddon. Snowmageddon It, if you're a Def Lepard fan.


Snowpocalypse, perhaps?

Hot Mom

The killer whales are eating Sea World trainers because they're wild animals and wild animals don't have the respect for non-nutritive life forms that we do.

I'm voting for 'Snow!' but you have to use jazz hands when you emote it.


Blizzard-astrophe. Sorry the snow is ruining your plans. I'm guessing chocolate will taste better than a Seaworld trainer.
Lazy Julie


Sherri - Well, I think we'll so that at some point. Just not this weekend.
RockyCat- Who could NOT love a band with a one-armed drummer?
Angie- I like that, and I like "White Plague" which I heard today
Hot Mom - I think we should wait for whales to break up and then feed them chocolate like we do here on land.
Julie - I know, I was going to Follow My Blizz.


Think of the birds and dogs escaping to high land before the Christmas tsunami. The birds and dogs could run. How would a killer whale feel, trapped at Seaworld, sensing there was a Snowicane about to hit the continent? You'd get edgy too. Then you might eat someone. Just to relieve your stress. Like chocolate.

This may become a FB status message for me, just sayin' :D


Leprrkan - Ha!

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