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February 17, 2010



"Because I've been fat and I've been thin, and fat is waaaaay better."

That line about after a certain age choosing your face over your ass is true. For most of my adult life I was "the skinny girl" until I hit about 35 and became "that drawn, old hag." In that respect, my "blogging 15" (does everyone gain weight when they become bloggers?) was welcome.


I think I weighed 110 for a few hours in 6th grade.

Amy in StL

I've been following a lady on Blogher that said something this week that really hit home with me. I'm unhappy with my weight because it doesn't match who I really am. Sounds like you've found a weight that matches the inner you; so it doesn't matter what that weight is. I'm just hoping my inner me doesn't think it's 110; I suspect it's about 140 which still puts me quite a few pounds over but I'll work on it. Because it's really about having our insides match our outsides, isn't it?

Erin G.


Oh, Queen. You are beautiful and you make me laugh!!


Having grown up weighing more than everyone else, I have to say I am delighted to be on a losing track. And besides, my soon-to-be-4-year-old niece is gonna need me to stick around for a while. I know her father all too well.


Welcome, Sister Pinhead. We've been expecting you.

- The Pinhead Matron


I like my upholstry. A gay friend the other day told me that men liked me. I had never noticed that! Because, being me, I had been more concerned about whether I liked them!
I love to eat, love to cook and socialize, and don't care about losing whatever pounds someone thinks I need to lose.
At age 70 thinness becomes gauntness.
And I don't believe the scuttlebutt about longevity and overweight, either. If you had to eat the lab chow those lab mice have to in those experiments and couldn't get any exercise, you would not be motivated to stick around!


Kathy - I like that line. I've never heard it before.
Sherri - Heartbreak diet. Gary and I were estranged.
Amy in StL- I think there's a certain age when you don't recognize your face anyway, so it doesnt matter if anything matches the inside.
Erin G - Big and bawdy laughs I hope
3 - See, I am so content now that my competitive dander isn't up.
Becs - I am honoured to be one of the Sisters of the Holy Pinhead.
Hattie - I'm right there with you. Women in my family are not ever gaunt. We get soft and our laps get huge.


Amusing. Most of the time my inner self completely forgets that my outer self is giant. I'm mostly reminded when I see photographs. I don't understand the universe in this regard - we should just look the way that we think we do.

I'm not so much worried about being skinny as I am being able to physically do everything I want to. That would be good enough for me. Too bad I'm so crappy at making it happen.

Heartess Cow #2

You weigh more than each of us, I just think two of us expected it.


Tami - I've always been shocked by my weight when I see photos (even at 110). When I'm thin, I think Im fat, when I'm fat, I think I'm thin. Goofy
Heartless Cow #2 - I think Marcia's seen me every day, so she hasn't noticed. Oh! I saw Ellen Boh___ at the City Museum. Sadly, it was in the Cave when I was disoriented. She claimed ot not remember my NAME but I'm sure she didnt recognize me.


ooh this one struck a chord with me. . .ive gone up a couple pant sizes in the last few months and sometimes when i see a photos myself from before ill longingly mourn how much better i looked then and then ill remember pre weight gain i disliked most those photos of myself anyway and i think a better use of my energy would not be to diet myself down to my original weight, which is difficult and kind of heartbreaking(for me anyway), but rather work on a form of unconditional self acceptance and i also don't really buy into the supposed health risks of the booga booga obesity crisis. . .

all this novella of a comment to basically say right on with your comments especially the one about not feeling bad when you eat food to yanno stay alive :)


Keri - And the thing is, I don't remember ever looking at anything in my old photos but my thighs. Before, when I was young, like you, everything was perfect except for my thighs. So in every photo I looked at my thighs, and there they were. And I never saw any of the other good parts, I just took them for granted. My imperfection was all I could see because they contrasted so with everything else. Like how the one pimple on a perfect face looks somuch worse than a face full of pimples. But now I am a fully-fat, 100% dull skinned consistently imperfect person, and I like it more. Of course, my cholesterol is 250 as well as my weight, so I'll have to change that.

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