February 27, 2010



You remember your first babka attempts? Better now, aren't you? Practice, is all (I'm ignoring that second test and so should you). Mind, studying is definitely harder once goldfish brain takes hold.

In other news, I'd like to share that I put the Christmas decorations up into the garage roof yesterday, so the teetering pile of boxes is finally gone. I knew I'd get it done by Easter. Result!


I recently applied for a pediatric home care position. I failed the dosage test I had to take. I had warned them that I basically didn't remember squat. They said it was ok, they would work with me on that. Still, this sort of thing used to come to me so easily. Getting older just sucks, and I am sure getting old with MS sucks even more sometimes.


When I realized that I had to take a great big, study-real-hard test from the Project Management Institute to get a PMP designation and had to pay for the privilege, I decided I didn't want to be a project manager anymore.


Well all - I took another test, flunked it worse, and then got a 76.
Big Dot - I made two babkas tonight - one folded and one rolled. I think after this batch of chocolate is done I'm done.
And packed up Easter! Good work easter with its dea leaves and dead rabbit heralding the rebirth of the lord.
Zayrina - Espesically with the new study on what makes people have general intelligence.
They studied people with lesions to see who was most stupid.
Becs - Wise wise move.


Cheer Up! I failed the Health and Fitness for Life test in college.
If it's an "Objective" test you have to study a different way. When I taught, I would give my students pop quizzes and discuss their results. Have someone draw up pop quizzes for you and discuss the results. I know, I know, how tedious, but such is the razor blade of life!


Hattie - Oh, this on-line training program is really good. It's 3 hours a chapter, but you only get the real training in the feedback for the questions when you fail them. So I'm still going in to the lesson I passed to see the feedback for what I got wrong.


I want to take the RHIA certification exam when I graduate (hopefully in May, knock on wood). I am looking over the study guide and realizing that what I have learned in school for the last two years doesn't have a whole lot to do with this test. You have inspired me to step up and devote some time and money to get prepared! Instead of just whining. I wonder if I'll have us much time to whine if I'm actually trying to do something. Hmmm. Whining is one of my strong points.


Wendy - God knows I've been whining about this. I wandered around whining for a good five minutes today.

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