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February 25, 2010



I'd be pretty upset too. US was definitely outplayed.

Mrs. Hall

face tantrum.


yeah, no cause for the pouty face. iffn you been played, you been played.

suck it up.!


Watching Team Canada get their gold made me all varklempt though. Such cute girls.

Wouldn't it have been cool to be in the Hockey House with Tyler then? Awesome.


you know, i only watched the charmingly happy canadians getting their golds, so i missed this. but yeah, they are ungrateful wretches.


Sore losers.


.75 - Oh, I understand the disappointment, I dont understand the poor sportsmanship. Their postures did not suggest they played well and the other team played better.
Mrs Hall - Suck up, buck up, shut the fuck up, to quote ... someone. I forget who.
Surprising Woman - He was nice enough to delay his proud papa tweet until after the west coast feed was done.
Magpie - Didnt they have Play Day in their grade school, where I learned good sportsmanship?
Hattie - They were. In fact, we aren't losing well across the board. Apollo Ono was pleasant at least when he was disqualified when he felt he shouldnt have been.

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