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February 07, 2010



Here ya go


Can't have you not KNOWING this. It only took me three or four years to work it out way back in the dark ages.

Crystal (Bratcw)

I've always called it Teenage Wasteland, because those are the lyrics I could make out.


While your babka looks lovely, it also looks like the layers are just too thick. Don't be afraid to roll the hell out of that thing if you want more swirlies.

If you like it the way it is, then just keep up what you're doing. You're the one who has to eat it, after all.

I didn't bake *anything* this weekend. That may be a record. I did make a brisket, though.


The recipe you and I have used says we need to twist the dough into a figure 8 not once but twice. I've only done it once because I'm still too much of a chicken to try it a second time. I'm happy with how swirly my babka looked with one figure 8, but I need to suck it up and twist the hell out of it to do it a second time.


Sherri - God bless you, even though I couldn't see it at work and I was sure it was a video of someone making babka.Good to know!
Crystal - And in response to my wikiquestion "Why dont they call it Teenage Wasteland then," Wikipedia says, "The title of the song is derived from this combination of the song's philosophical and musical influences: Meher Baba and Terry Riley."
Tami - I think it'll be a third as thin next time, folded, and chocolatized with egg white, cocoa poder and sugar. The parchement paper is the trick.
Catherine - I just realized I've just twisted twice. Does that mean I make a circle AND twist twice? Hm.


You make a circle out of the dough and then make TWO figure eights. I know!


Catherine - so circle and two twists. That's what Ive been doing. Not circle twist circle twist. Hmph. I will CONQUER THE BABKA. I will never give up.

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