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January 23, 2010



It never dawned on him to check on me? Hmph. Of course, our new preferred insurance network no longer covers St. Luke's urgent care centers, so never mind.

Seriously, turn on channel 2. If anything happened to Gary's work, they'll have a reporter standing there in the dark to tell you about it.


Caroline - would you call Garys Blackberry? And huh, thanks for the info about St. Lukes.

Hot Mom

I was staying with a friend in New Orleans who was married to a police officer at the time. At 2 am, Charity Hospital called.

Freaked me out. Charity's the hospital where cops get taken for gun shot wounds.

Wrong number.


Hot Mom - Was Charity the best hospital, or the cheapest or the most discreet, or in the worst neighborhood? And I wonder what the St. Louis shot-cop hospital is.


Gotta be Barnes.


Caroline - they did film an episode of Trauma:Life in the ER there.


Part of my job is to call people who had a procedure and ask if they received excellent care. I am not allowed to leave a message because of HIPAA. Needless to say, after I make my attempts there are several hours of upset people calling back to ask if something is wrong. I hate it.


Wendy - Oh, Wendy, that's awful! Can you block your number? Of course, then no one would pick up. I never thought of the HiPAA policies. My psychiatrist is at St. Lukes. Maybe he was calling to see if I ever got back to my car when I lost it in the parking garage.

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