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January 07, 2010



You lost me at 'algorithm'. (I spelt that originally as 'algorhythm', which tells you all you need to know about my numeracy.)


Speaking of Gary and end of times...

Was he at Shop 'n Save at about 5:45 last night? I was leaving when someone looking a lot like Gary was entering and joking about milk, bread, and eggs.


Big Dot - yes, but this was mainly for Caroline. I thought about posting it. I thought "No one else will think this is exciting," and then I realized Caroline would. She didn't say anything, but she liked it.
Caroline - Picture Gary as the Angel of Death. The word "Save" is the lamb's blood over the doorway. He cannot enter the "Shop 'n Save" building.


Well, technically I saw this mysterious man in the parking lot. Is Gary the type that would stand outside in the snow heckling shoppers?

And I do appreciate the date info.


Caroline - No, he only starts up conversations inside the door. Then he's everyone's friend.

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