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January 07, 2010


Big Dot

Well there you go. I'm reminded of this jock type who asked me when I was a shy teenager at a party whether I had pinkies or brownies and I was too embarrassed to think of an answer. And ever since I've kicked myself for not saying "One of each". And you know what? Now I actually do. Life can be so cruel.


Big Dot -Oh my god, what a nasty boy. Is he nasty because he s a boy, or a kiwi, or a jock? Jock types never spoke to me, maybe they are all like that. I initially blamed it on his nationality.


Snow is doggy cocaine.


Wait... what?

Are you telling me that my labia are going to change color? I... I... don't know how to feel about that. [moments pass] Oh, right: I don't care. Well, glad that's settled!


I started going gray in high school, and stopped coloring my hair in my twenties. By 35, I had a full head of gray hair. Since then, most of the signs of aging have not phased me much... but I am starting to wonder just how many more inevitable external changes are in the works. The prospect of color-shifting labia isn't upsetting, just so damn random! I am starting to wonder if this prediction is likely to come true at some point in my later life.


Oops, the link for "this prediction" got stripped out:

[TheQueen, if you'd rather I didn't link back to myself, I'm sure you'll feel free to delete the comment.]


Um, less body hair (good); industrial-strength toenails (bad). I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember them...


Caroline - That explains why Mac's so thin.
Elsa - I love all links! As long as it isnt a Viagra link. And it was funny.
Big Dot - I love my new toenails! And the cold weather has knocked all the fuzzy curl out of my hair - I understand curls go late in life too..


Speaking of snow, I'm astonished that you're not. It's very cool (aha) of you not to be yammering on about all your snow and FREEZING temperatures. I wouldn't shut up about it, me. (I have an iPhone, you know. I stalk your weather.)


Big Dot - First ... has it been so long you have forgotten what this post was about? Besides, it warmed up to 30 degress today, thought it was -2 last night. Toasty.

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