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January 31, 2010



Don't you find it chilling to realise you're the same age now as you can remember your mother being? When she seemed SO OLD?


Oh, she'll come around again. Give her a couple more years and she'll be asking your sage advice.


The 12-year-old that I used to wear like a boa is now a 25 year old who's married to an Air Force Captain, living in North Dakota, and pregnant for the second time.

I feel ya, homie. And thanks for the threading advice.


I got my ears pierced (first and second sittings) at Claire's too!

I don't know about that eyebrow thing.


I love threading. I get my whole face threaded. I get my neck threaded.

This is because I have too much facial hair to reliably pluck myself. But mostly it's because the last time I got my eyebrows waxed, I ended up with blisters on my eyelids.

Yes, it hurts but not as much as first degree burns.


Big Dot - I keep looking at photos of Mom and Granceil, and I am much more aged than Mom was at my age.
Becs - Well, only if she finds herself married to a very difficult, stubborn man.
Tami - Aw. I'm proud my niece can make wise decisions on her own. Sounds like your 25yo is doing the same.
.75 - Is there any place OTHER than Claires?
Becs - that would be like having someone pull duct tape off my upper lip very slowly. Rip! But no one should burn your eyelids. Have you tried the Nair cold wax strips? They work on my fine little hairs.

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