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January 05, 2010



I kind of like the flat hair.
Roast it at high heat (like around 400 degrees). Rub it with spices mixed into olive oil. The garlic-rosemary-salt-pepper combo may be common, but it's common because it's delicious. The internal temp should be about 155 when you take it out of the oven.

What would I do with myself if I didn't have the comments section in which to give people cooking advice? Would I explode?

Erin G.

I am having a chuckle at your pork-slapping-followed-by-the-cashier's-pork-whomping at Schnucks. Satisfying, indeed.


I prefer the new hair, although I remain unconvinced that is the same woman.


Make sure to add NO SUGAR to your apple sauce. And pork has to be very well done: think 'No pink!'


Tami - Or, would you shrivel up like a raisin in the sun?
Erin G - I almost said "Whomp, there it is."
Caroline - Oh! You are so wrong. I have followed her career. That's like not recognizing Christiane Amanpour if she changed her hair.
Big Dot - I dont know, the guy who wrote the Big Yellow Cookbook ("How to Cook Everything"? Something like that) says pink pork is okay.

Hot Mom

Rub it with kosher salt and fresh sage. Bake.



Hot Mom - I took a third of it and made a big fancy rolled stuffed roast and it's pretty darn dry. It shot from 120 up to safe pork range in about ten minutes, and I think I got it out late. The next roast is going to be your recipe and durkees pork gravy mix.

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