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January 19, 2010


Hot Mom

Small curd.

Stay away from Vagisil during recurrant yeast infections. That shit stings.


(Now it's my turn, Hot Mom: I read that as 'redcurrant' - fitted in nicely with the cottage cheese, curd, yeast scenario. So many things I can now never eat again...)


Hot Mom - Oh, that's good to know. And thank you for ponying up the info about small curd. I'll know what to look for.
Big Dot - Oh, and muffins. Don't forget the muffin.

Erin G.

...I just feel the need to commend you on a very well-acted eyes-closed-concern-and-frustrated-patient. That was GOOD.


Erin G - High praise from a real actress! I felt my eyes fluttered too much. Another take?


All - and NO ONE commented on my obvious disregard for my husband? I was horrified when I saw that outtake! "'Kay, don't care, shhh!"


I was horrified, so I posted it! You are so funny.


Gaoo - What I find horrifying are my short little eyelashes. I bet that's a symptom of Satan's yeast infection as well.

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