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January 19, 2010



When I took The Company classes in Chicago, we all stayed in a hotel that provided a tiny refrigerator in the room, a hot plate, a frying pan, and some serving pieces. I made my breakfast every morning.

When the other guys asked what I had for breakfast, I said eggs and toast.

"Toast? How did you make toast? There's no toaster."

They were horrified when I told them.

Yeah, it's good.


If not for fried bread, there would be no croutons and that would be a sad world.


Fried bread in butter? What sort of highfalutin nonsense is this? Dripping, people! That's the fat from your roast, or grilled bacon or sausages, carefully saved so you can fry the bread in it and stop all those lovely free radicals from escaping.

('Free radicals': sounds so inspiring, don't you think? Shades of the Resistance, Che, Nelson Mandela...)

mrs. hall

the catholic response, she is up.

Hot Mom

You missed the more southern version of fried toast.

Slather white bread with butter, cover with sugar and broil until brown and crisp.

Hot Dad loves the schtuff. So do Hot Twins.


~~Silk - Guys horrifed by fried bread? What was wrong with them?
Becs - Do you remember the Wesson Oil commercial when they make a BIG crouton by deep frying it in oil?
Big Dot - But they aren't artifically salted, like butter is. I'm afraid bacon is fatta non grata in the house here, in fact it's the ingredient in the beef stew that Gary claims made his "belly" hurt.
Mrs hall - People! Leave links! http://misseshall.blogspot.com/2010/01/i-miss-being-catholic-but-thats-not.html
Hot Mom - Oh, that's cinnamon toast without the cinnamon. Only one side gets crunchy, there's the down side to that.

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