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January 18, 2010


Erin G

Um...I had that book when I was a kid. My mom gave it to me before taking me with her, reluctantly, to a breakfast meeting. All I remember is reading it for the first time in the restaurant....and then my pancakes arriving with a big glob of butter on top. My little 4 yr old self was all, "oh no! Poor little black Sambo!" hah!


I'm sure I remember having that book read to me at school - and not with the Indian illustrations, either. Those were such different days - I was only thinking that just yesterday when my daughter recoiled in shock when I mentioned that it was one of my jobs as biology lab monitor to periodically chloroform batches of mice for dissection.

Speaking of which - giving a sick chicken half a sleeping pill to knock her out so you can put her in the freezer to finish the job? Doesn't work. Bright as a button. Except for being sick, obviously.


Erin G - Oh, dear. Was there an audience? Did they laugh?
Big Dot - Bad news about the chicken. You know Martha Stewart puts them in a bag and backs over them with her SUV.


I never tried to sedate a chicken, and now I won't have to waste my time.

That book really is very anti-tiger.


I'm confused about the chicken and the sleeping pill.

I'm also kind of confused about Little Black Sambo. We have a copy, I read it to my kid. I agree, the tigers are vain. So?

Hot Mom

Like sexual harassment, the book is only racist if you are offended by it.

Dot - I read "chicken" as "children" and was taken aback for a second. Thanks for writing "chicken" instead.


(Hot Mom: Only a second?!!! Thanks for the best laugh today.)

Update: RIP Hoochie Mammma, gone to that great henrun in the sky. Thank you to our sponsors Toyota and Whirlpool.

And no, it wasn't the Martha Stewart method: that woman is a barbarian.


Tami - Go to the link below!
Magpie - Go to the link below!
Hot Mom - No, you know "if a reasonable person would be offended" is the standard. And go to the link below!
Big Dot - Woman! Leave a link here when you have a pertinent post! This is hilarious:
You know, in a sad kind of way.


I went to the link below. I read the bit about Eggatha and the neck snap, and... I can't really close my eyes, now, I think that they might be permanently bugged out.


I read chicken as children the first time too....


A better misread: A friend of mine posted about her company's bi-annual sexual harassment training yesterday. We all misread it as annual bi-sexual harassment training. Just imagine those learning objectives!


Tami - I know! I would have just injected Eggatha with Windex. Isn't that fatal? Wasn't that the plot of some mystery movie?
Zayrina - No, children are very easily killed by the medicine, you never have to put them in the freezer.
Caroline - AND the critical behaviors!


The Windex was from The Man With Two Brains, and I now love you even more.


Tami - Oh! I should have remembered that! I love that movie.

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