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January 13, 2010



Awesome. :)


I think I love you.


I'm so very proud of you.

Erin G.


One Fabulous Thing

That was awesome. Pat Robertson is such a douchebag.


Hahahaha - oh, this makes my sides hurt. He's such a rat bastard - what did he do to hex my dishwasher, 'cause it's acting up, and now that you mention it, I am sure he is involved...


This is awesome.


Laurel and Magpie (and PA and KellyL) - Ooo! Ive never been retweeted before. It felt good.
#3 - Thanks, 3.
Erin G - Thats was an evil Ha.
One Fabulous Thing (Hello!) - Your blog post prompted me to donate to Drs without borders. I was going to think about who to give to and your post made me realize they're all good.
Mare - It is because he drank in his college years. Write a letter.
Daysgoby - Thanks, and hello Canada! Did you read that the magazine "The Beaver" is being renamed "Canadian History?" Snort!


EXCELLENT post! I would give it a gold star except in this case, a gold cross seems more appropriate!


If I had written that, I wouldn't have been as kind as you. Good thing you beat me to it.

The other night, I was commenting on how much I hated Michelle Obama's outfit on the Iron Chef special. My room mate said, "You're very critical!".

I answered, "Yes".

Amy in StL

Oh. My. God. The last sentance nearly made me do a spittake here at my desk. It's really a genius ending to a fantastic rant. Truly.


That IS fitting. Man, what an asshole. I really, truly hope he will get his just reward.


Wyo - Ew. Made me wonder if religious schools ever gave out gold crosses instead of stars.
Tami - Wait ... wait .... Michelle Obama was on IRON CHEF? I have to google this.
Amy in StL - It was mean, though. I'm not being a Sunbeam Blogger or whatever they're called.
Gaoo - I liked the Daily Show take on it tonight. JS held up the Bible and gave some examples of Bible quotes Pat could use next time, opposed to "Tough titties, devil folk."


Thanks, I needed that. What a dipshit he is and yet, he still has a show on TV.


It was a Very Special Iron Chef encouraging kids to eat their veggies.

The Phoenix

The dumbass believes God plays with us like chess pieces on a board. Wouldn't you think He'd have better things to do?


Judith - He has a show on tv because he owns the station.
Caroline - Ah! And now I also hear they didnt use veggies from the White House garden. And that was an awful dress.
The Phoenix - I know. He kind of reminds me of that crazy woman who thought David Letterman was sending her signals with his eyebrow waggling. It's like Pat thinks he's very special to God and no one else knows it, but God sends him secret messages every time He supposedly causes a disaster.

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