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January 28, 2010



You've got more life in you than most well people I know!

mrs. hall

something to be said about not paying attention to every nook and creak and cranny and running off to get it fixed.

word up you sick puppy ;)


I think the "I'm lucky with my MS" attitude must help too.

But yes, vagueness about what's going on body-wise can only be a good thing for day-to-day peace of mind - although, and I know this myself, it scores a resounding Fail when your doctor wants to take a history. Hard not to feel stupid when you can't answer questions like "And when did you first notice the lump?"


Hattie - Why thank you. Not today certinly.
Mrs. Hall - I slept a good deal today, and Im going to ignore it tomorrow.
Big Dot - Ha! I know. Or as is more often with me, "How did you get this bruise that takes up two thirds of your thigh?"

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