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January 10, 2010


mrs. hall

get outta town Ellen? Izzard? REALLY?

HIM you dig but cirque du soliel you poo poo?

I must say, i've only seen Izzard in that horrible movie, "My super x girlfriend" with Uma Thurman. the whole movie was utter shite except for Izzard. He sold that role!


yeah. color me jealous.


Mrs Hall. Dressed to Kill. Rent. It.


HAHAHHAHAHA Thanks for referencing me. If only I were that popular in real life!


LOVE Eddie Izzard. My daughter recently brought up for discussion his very wise line: "A pear is only ripe for half an hour, and you're never there."


0.75 - I'm curious, if you are in a crowd of people shorter that you, do you pat - oh, wait, that's just silly.
gaoo - Oh, that is wise. This time he begged us that if you are trying to identify a disorder that makes children mix up their letters, "...make it something people can SPELL."


My hands and face are at the perfect level most times.


I love Eddie Izzard with my whole black heart, but in the movie "Mystery Men" he won the title for "Worst American Accent EVER".

I love him anyway. He's that awesome.

And I am also jealous of the 27-year-old. I occasionally stalk her on Twitter only to find that she's kind of cool. That bugs me no end.


.75 - Were I to interpret it "that" way that might be the naughtiest thing I have ever heard you say.
Tami - Huh! Never saw Mystery Men. I saw the "ex-girlfrind / superhero" movie though, I thought that was good. I still feel sorry for girl #2, Stephanie F. I hope she's okay.

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