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January 04, 2010



Well, I have no shame ... I laughed out loud at #35.

Kelly Light

Best end of year blog I've read. Spunky labia - both funny and nasty at the same time!

Mrs. Hall

Mystery Diagnosis. The Best Mystery Diagnosis EVER was just on - "The Woman Who Went Crazy." It had everything. Well, except toes.

was it syphilis?

Erin G

Very funny!


Much sadder,much thinner, and much poorer. But still laughing at #24, and whatever else, anyway.


Hey Queen - you might want to wipe down your keyboard. I think your feet went nuts on it last night.


I think Spunky should come down here and flaunt herself - barefoot paradise, you know. Not just at the beach, but in shopping malls, supermarkets, on the street: quite normal. No need for any of that cashmere sock nonsense.

Curious about the toe-year equation: should we multiply by 10 for the Appendage?


Wyo - Me too. Poor guy. I'm sure he was a great man.
Kelly Light - Funny and nasty and illiterate.
Mrs hall - No! A teratoma that made her CRAZY. Gid it was great.
Erin G - Do not taunt Spunky.
Gaoo - I'm sorry. Heartbreak diet.
Caroline - So funny you say that. Gary just asked me to clarify for him what part of my anatomy Spunky is. He's so literal.
Big Dot - I did it in my head. I thought it was 47 divided in half. I could be entirely wrong.


Excuse me, Spunky did not 'defeat' Jammies, she resorted to physical attack by an agent, a la Tonya Harding.



Jammies - Spunky could sue for libel. And then you'll end up on celebrity wrestling.


...and then, I suddenly made the "spunk" connection in my head (because *I* don't call it that!), and thought, "EW!". Also, now I feel funny having even typed the word.


Tami - duuuuuuuuude ... I bet you never got "Putting the TMI in absentminded" either.

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