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January 26, 2010



Yes, you're playing a long game here. But what fun! Now the bears have broken away from the ledge, there are no limits: shoes, pants pockets, lunch boxes, microwave... Good fun!


This is just like "War of the Roses."

Mrs. Hall

it's like when I would hide the baby jesus from the nativity set.

yah never know where they will be hiding!!



You guys crack me up :)

Hot Mom

They'd look really cute stuffed in the artfully discarded toilet paper rolls. Heads out, of course.


(No 'of course' about it, Hot Mom - you're forgetting who we're dealing with here. My money's on bottoms up.)


Big Dot - Oh, as if Gary ever used the microwave.
Becs - Love that movie - we took a little poll at work and found people with divorced parents found that movie hysterical, others, not so much.
Mrs Hall - MWah. Was Jesus ever in the egg container in the fridge?
.75 - If only I could sneak into your house and put a bear in your sock drawer.
Hot Mom - Yep, first place I put one, first place he looked, only one he's found.
Big Dot - Nope, Arms up, just like that boy who was rescued in Haiti. http://www.metro.co.uk/news/world/809940-miracle-rescue-of-kiki-week-after-haiti-quake

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