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December 07, 2009


Mrs. Hall

so yeah, don't understand what you were thinking with the cake pie mating. I could use some pie right now ;)

And Whitey sounds like a fun guy. Whitey Ford sings the Blues is one of my favorite albums.

but i doubt that is um, related to the actual Whitey you are talking about ;)


Joe Torre is the one who moved to NY and got cancer. I know, because I've heard his name 160,000,000 times on the radio.


Tony La Russa is our current manager. He's also very good, but in a very different way from Whitey. We've been pretty lucky.


Mrs Hall - Okay, well tonight I made the lemon cake pie and choclate chip cookie pie. They have been sucessful.
Tami - He wrote a book recently too, I think.
Caroline - I confuse him with Tommy LaSorda. He always seems so cranky. I miss Whitey. He had fun.

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