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December 14, 2009



Better get busy watching these, because the end is near.


"Two and a half hours to hear how Julia Sweeney became an atheist. I may have to save it for Christmas Day."

This is absolutely perfect.

Crystal (Bratcw)

I watched Letting Go of God on Saturday - just stumbled upon it on cable. I thought it was fabulous. Wanted to buy the DVD for a friend for Christmas, but it's a 2-3 week wait on Amazon. Maybe for Easter!


Letting Go of God is AMAZING! I have watched it twice. Soooo good.

Last night I got to watch BNL, live and onstage in SLC. They are still seriously amazing.

Totally worth a four hour drive on Wednesday... wink, wink


I watched My Car is My Lover, and I am still traumatized. What has been seen cannot be unseen! The only good thing is that the guy in it from Washington State is clear on the other side of the state and nowhere near me or my car.

Mrs. Hall

"Letting Go of God-Sweeney's third autobiographical monologue is titled Letting Go of God. In it, she discusses her Catholic upbringing, early religious ideology, and the life events and internal search that led her to believe that the universe can function on its own without a deity to preside over it."

excuse the swears here Ellen.


Being raised catholic myself....it does stuff to your idea of God. That it is all hierarchy. Separate.


That's it. Now I'm all riled.

I have to do a counter blog.

because I still believe and all the catholic baggage in the world is NOT GOING TO STOP ME!!!!

ok good.

Car is my lover eh? Sounds disgusting!

ahhh....i miss cable! :)



Hattie - No, we have quite a while until 2012.
Wyo - Well, now I'm reconsidering, since I've heard such good reviews.
Crystal - And dang, you can't get it through Barnes & Noble, I just checked.
SurprisingWoman - Can't go on Weds - have no vacation time left. Plus it's free, so you have to wonder how long it'll be.
Faythe - Ohhh, I know. My favorite part was the shot of the tire with the fluid next to it.
Mrs Hall - But, it probably was the life events that caused her to lose faith, not the Catholicism.


Believe in God? All I can really believe is that I absolutely do not know what's running things. I do not have any clue at all. As long as things keep running, I don't worry about it very often.

Mrs. Hall

NO NO... i am very sure it was the catholic religion that did this to her. because being catholic means believing that God watches over us, directing us, making a list and checking it twice.

It is taught that God is separate and unreachable without using the proper channels.

wait, I haven't actually seen the monolouge, but wait, I can probably quote it chapter and verse.

so...next tuesday the response blog will be up. o yes. . . you got me started!!! all riled up now!!!

but, per the usually Mrs. Hall it will be delightful and full of hope :)

PS... looked up the car lover show...almost threw up reading the discription...yikes!


Mrs. hall - well, we'll just have to wait for Christmas to see if you're right.

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