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December 23, 2009


Mrs. Hall

Love the green green grass in the background!

hee hee hee

Merry Christmas to you Ellen ;)


I don't think the snow ever melted from last year in my building's snow dumping area. Certainly, the grass never recovered.

Hot Mom

I miss happy fun ball.


Must get new happy fun ball.


Mrs hall - Merry Christmas to you too.
Tami - I've never been in a building with a snow dumping area. We all just assumed they wanted us to stay off the grass.
Hot Mom - This is a job for Google. Where did the old HFB come from?
3 - Yes. See above.


I still have the HFB document I kept up on my cube at Enterprise.


Ive done some research.
The Happy Fun ball is actually a Nerf Ballistic Foam Ball.

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