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December 27, 2009



Oy, oh my. This is an honor, even if a dubious one.

Aaaaaand I returned just this morning from a post-Christmas Christmas --- let's call it apres-Christmas --- with the beloved in-laws, so the subject is fresh in my mind: how much do you say, how much do you keep mum, how much do you staunchly deny?

A benign example: I have a back injury that leaves me in chronic pain. Because my in-laws don't want to pain me, they ask of everything "Will that bother your back?"

And I mean Ev. Ry. Thing. Welcome, did the trip hurt your back? Is this seat okay, or will it hurt your back? Moving a chair for the table, will that hurt your back? Sleeping in this room, is that okay for your back? Can you reach my beer on the table, or will that strain your back? Oh, Cuddly Little Niece on Elsa's lap, mind Elsa's back! Elsa, I see you're discreetly fetching your ice pack, is your back hurting?

I've been trying to curtail their discussion of it, if only because the subject bores me silly. The last straw was some months ago, when Little Niece asked me to come play with her, then a shadow crossed her brow. "Oh," she said, "but it might hurt your back."

I told her, and I am telling her family, "Let me worry about that. You don't need to worry about my back. Now let's play!"


Elsa - Good for you. I think "hurt your back" is their way of saying "we love you." Or how people say "lets me know if there anything I can do" after a funeral. They might not really mean it. OR maybe you need to mess with them and say "My back only hurts me when someone mentions it."

Hot Mom

When I say "let me know if there is anything I can do" after a funeral, I mean it. I happily took people up on the offer for Mom's.

So, Ellen, when I offered. I meant it. It isn't my fault you didn't have the balls to send me off on some odd errand thatn you just didn't feel like dealing with.


Hot Mom- I was thinking specifically of the owner of our old place, when Mom broke her arm. Susand offered, I said "Make a casserole" and she backed down. And you all saved the family quilt! You were very helpful.

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