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December 03, 2009



I'm right behind you on this one. There's real pleasure in a well-fitting sock. For years and years when I lived in the country, and hence also in gumboots, I bought men's socks because I couldn't find women's ones that were long enough to tuck my jeans into them so both jeans and socks stayed put.

Now that I'm a city girl again, I can wear socks that fit my foot, and it's a little thrill every time I pull them on.


You know, if you you moisturize your damp legs (not wet, damp) the stuff soaks in better. It's a good thing.

(I love your mommyblogging "today you turn one" riff.)


Magpie's right. If you moisturize right after the shower, you have happy skin. If you don't like using lotion, get some oil. It doesn't even have to be pricy--Sherri swears by Neutrogena's stuff. As dry as your skin must be from that picture, it'll soak up the oil and you won't be clammy.

You owe Spunky some nice legs. And your socks will love you more if you aren't shedding on them.


Oh how can you diss SmartWool socks like that! They are the greatest, thickest, softest, most longwearing socks that make you feel like you're walking on wall-to-wall carpeting all day. My favorite indulgence. (Not a good sign, I know)
How I love them! But no, they do not like the drier.


Big Dot -Oh, having the heel of the Man Sock up behind your ankle - I know that. Awful
Magpie - I know, I used to moistuize Mom after I gave her her shower. It still squicks me out. I'm going right to the shower from here, and I promise I'll try it. I'll put Vitamin E oil on one leg and moisturizer on the other. For science.
Jammies - I might owe Spunk some nice legs, but that ship has sailed. The oil sounds even worse than the moisturizer. Geh.
Gaoo - Smartools do feel like you are getting a little footrub every time you step in them. But for softness ... have you felt cashmere silk socks?


Please tell me you're not wearing those cashmere socks inside Crocs.


Big Dot - Not ... not yet. What shoes would be worthy? Are my Clarks worthy?

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