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December 28, 2009



Sweat? Sweat would do that, under studio lights.


Big Dot - Yes, but this was a satiny acetate fiber shirt. It was a boxy shirt that fell snugly under her breasts, and I'd agree with sweat but you know what sweat does to that satiny fabric - it would have shown up very dark.

It seems like this should be in the IMDB under "trivia."


Static, then. You do realise she probably chose that outfit in order to be suitably smart yet UNDISTRACTING from the message she wanted to communicate?


I totally wondered that about her shirt too. At first I was alll, "meh" about it but the longer I watched the more I was covetous.

Great program.

Erin G.

Double-sided "Hollywood" tape?


I have some of this stuff. I used it before to keep "mah breastestses" covered in church.


Isn't she great?


Big Dot - But, she failed. I'm with Erin, now.
Surprising Woman - It was great. Gary the Catholic particularly liked it. I liked how she gave all other religions a try.
Erin G - I think you called it. I wish I knew her so I could ask.
Hattie - I like how she lets you know every thought in her head.


Not thinking about how she looked. Loved her show. Very well done and thought-provoking.


3 - Did you ever see "God Said Ha?" I think that one speaks to me even more.


TheQueen, you know Julia Sweeney has a blog? You could ask her.

Oops, on preview, it looks like that link got stripped out: http://juliasweeney.blogspot.com

(My money's on Hollywood tape.)


Are you sure it isn't one of those shirts that have slight gathers,just under the boob region, designed to make you look smaller? That's what I thought when I first saw it, and yes, I liked it, too. Plus, it is probably that cotton stuff with just a bit of lycra in it.


Elsa- yes, but her blog is thoughtful. If it were vacuous like mine Id ask her in a second.
Judith - But look on the right: clearly no gathers. Is it molded perhaps?


I think it is just the photo because you can clearly see it on the left. The color, light and boob angle could obscure the gathers.


Judith - but I watched it closely for 2.5 hours. No gathers on either side, trust me.

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