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December 25, 2009



I wish I had pretty toes. :-(


3 - That's all it took. I wasn't going to mention she's photoshopped, but she is. Trashy girl.


Merry Christmas, Queen!


Been there, done that already, on to Boxing Day here - but Merry Christmas, Queen, and everybody else.

Erin G.

Cute! Merry Christmas!!


Photoshopped! I am so disillusioned. Merry Christmas anyway!


You're the only person I know... or probably the only one anyway... that would even think of such an idea as this and that's what makes you awesome :D

So, does one simply go into an A.C. Moore and ask where they have toe-sized Christmas decorations, or was that a speacial order?


Caroline - Merry Christmas to you and yours, Caroline!
Big Dot - Well, you get to see December 2012 first, too, so there.
Erin G - Merry Christmas to you and Freddie too!
Hattie - The red had to be tidied just a little around the edges.
Leprrkan - No - Mom bought a lot of those little wreaths at Michaels I think, and she stuck them on the arms of some Coke bears.


At first glance I thought that was a caterpillar on your toes. I'm not 100% sure that its not.


Melissa - a Caterpillar with a festive red bow?


Yes, exactly.

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