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December 09, 2009



Huzzah! Not dying is infinitely preferable.


Speaking of St. Louis and dying, I made a gooey butter cake the other day. It is awesome, but it might kill me what with the sweet and the butter.


Glad it didn't kill you!!!!!!!!!! But I am glad you were getting the real deal all along.

Erin G.

siiigh. gooey butter.


Thanks for finishing your trial so we can all get to Forest Park and the Fox more easily!


Becs - I tried my best not to die.
Magpie - I imagine Cakepie seems a little less wicked in comparison.
.75 - Amazing that something 90% stronger isnt 90% more effective, but whatever,
Erin G - I know! You have tasted gooey butter and know you are hooked.
Caroline - I know! I get to drive to Barnes Friday for the official Piece of Meat Day inducting me into Trial Phase 2.


I am also glad you're not dead. Glad!


Tami - Soeaking of not dead, did you see Mystery Diagnosis this week? Diagnosis: All your children have a fatal disease, but they aren't DEAD at the time of this airing.

Jeri a.k.a. TickledPink

Squeeeee!! Glad you are on the real deal! "Great taste, less killing!" BWAHAHAHAHA! that should be the tagline for fingo on the bottle when it comes out.

Toasting you with my pink pill! From one FingoHead to another! cheers!


Jeri - Oh, the new pill is yellow and white. THAT was a shock.

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