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December 19, 2009



Mmm. Not just one but two opportunities to observe festive in-law canine masturbation. Your cup runneth over.

I'm wishing you a week-long blizzard starting now.


Perhaps Karen would prefer to celebrate Hanukkah? Cuz, basically, I'm done. And no snow!


Plus, she's very skilled at guilt.


We celebrated Christmas with the ILs last night and now get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to ourselves (minus the 5 hours I owe Teddy J on Thursday morning). Hide Gary's car keys and enjoy yourselves. Or, you come to our house while he is at their house. We'll have wine.


Big Dot - No, it's over, and it wasn't bad. And, lord, yesterday I had an EARFUL about how I was using the word Masturbation in the same sentence as his mothers name. So I was catious and edited today's post. Originally it said, "One of my mother-in-law's gifts was a vibrator for the dog. No, really, it was a package of Host."
3 - She was quite cheerful and laid back today. Did she thank anyone for their trouble, no, but whatever.
Caroline - funny, I just got reproved for drinking a Bartles and Jaymes Fuzzy navel flavored malt cooler.

Hot Mom

You drank a Bartles and Jaymes Fuzzy navel flavored malt cooer? Shame on you. I thought I taught you better than that.

Oh, I'm a failure because The Queen won't drink real alcohol.


Here's the deal - I had that peach sangria and then that weekend I had something at Max and Ermas called Jacks Peach tea. Heaven. Wine cooler was the closest I could find in the store.

Hot Mom

Please, do this next time instead.



Hot mom - well, now I'm trying this. It skips that non-alcoholic tea crap.

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