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December 10, 2009


Amy in StL

It wasn't you; it was me. I was pressuring Highway 40 to be completed.


I stopped going to dermatologists after the last one (a crazy old white man) looked disgusted and yet at the same time told me I had beautiful skin...for someone my age.

The first one I ever went to was a horror. The second one...ahh...it really does pay to get the chief of dermatologic oncology. And they have them in New York.

(I love big words. "Epidemiological" makes me blissful.)


> "When women insult themselves, answer enthusiastically, 'NO! You look GREAT!'"

I'm on the other side of the fence on this issue. I don't like to play the self-deprecation game from either end of the court.

One of my all-time favorite exchanges in this vein occurred when I was 19. I asked my then-boyfriend the actual cliche question: "Do I look fat in this skirt?"

He paused to let us both take in the moment, then responded glibly, "If you do, it must be the skirt."

We burst out laughing, and I never asked him that again. He was a sage fellow for his age... or any age.


Elsa dated a smart boy!

I didn't pressure anyone about highway 40, but I did email MODOT a complaint about how you can see any lane markings on 270 when it rains at night. They replied basically, "We know, and maybe some day we'll fix it." So when you see:


That was all me, baby.

Big Dot

He might not perhaps have been referring to the fact that your skin, being so (ahem) so well filled, is easier to check than one that falls in folds and wrinkles?

... that falls in folds and wrinkles and looks so OLD, I mean of course?


A simple On Time & Under Budget would have sufficed.


Amy in StL - Well, they should add ", AMY" to the end of the signs.
Becs - "Ideopathic" is my fave.
Elsa - Oh, that is a smart man. Caroline is right too.
Caroline - Ok, so when will you comment on the funky turn lane paint at the intersecion of Caluks Hill and 94? It looks like they painted arrows, then painted 50% transparent gray squares on top. Do we turn or not?
Big Dot - I realized later it's his only choice. He has to make you feel comfortable while you stand half naked while he looks at your body. He can't say, "God, you are fat." and he can't ignore it bacause then you'll think it's tacit agreement and never get naked in front of him again.
Gaoo - Actually, it was ahead of schedule. I read that on another sign.


Queen, I actually emaied them about that the 3rd day of the re-route. Lotta damn good that did.


Caroline - well, thanks for trying, though.

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