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December 27, 2009



Perhaps Gary should bathe in cranberry juice before you guys do the nasty.


3 - The taste of cranberry juice just makes me shudder.


you don't have to tas....oh, never mind.


I see Spunky's back on top. As it were.

Amy in StL

Probably a stupid question, but do you pee immediately after sex - wiping front to back? I used to have that problem until my boss convinced me that peeing asap would help. It's sometimes awkward when you're having sex in the Steak n Shake parking lot.... but it's a risk I'll take.


gaoo - I know! And only a few of those hits were made by me.
Amy in St L - JUST today the doctor asked if I peed after sex this time and I said, "Well, I would have, but there was cuddling."
"Peeing is important, you know."
"Cuddling is more important."
AND THEN he prescribed unto me an antibiotic I should take after sex. LIKE THAT HASN'T BEEN AROUND FOR DECADES. So, if you want to cuddle, evidently taking an antibiotic afterward is an option. Perhaps you have to promise to have sex infrequently so as not to pharm Superbugs.

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