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December 13, 2009



I'm sorry you had a crummy-ish day.

But girl, leave my cilantro alone! I will cut you.


Pico de Gallo contains cilantro, eh? (It's a dryer form of salsa.) I simply avoid all salsa, or ask for it on the side so I can taste it before it ruins the whole dish.

Wishing a blight on all coriander fields....


I lurve me some cilantro. I could eat it on everything. Maybe not cheerios, but maybe I could. Who knows, if I try it I will report back.

I have only one suggestion for your auto situation...

AAA. Seriously, it's good stuff.


Surprising Woman: I can probably take QM but Silk looks dangerous. Cilantro Wars - Sic Semper Tyrannis!


1. I will take your share of cilantro. I only discovered it a few years ago and I have some catching up to do.

2. I would've brought you gas.

3. Maybe the Nelly guy pulled a repeat at the St. Peters Toys R Us last night. Seven police cars were there when I arrived. I shopped anyway.


Becs - actually, it was a pretty good day. I was pleased with myself for being resourceful, even if Gary wasn't.
~~Silk - Well, the Pico at Applebees does. I think its in every dish at Chilis.
SurprisingWoman - Well, plan C was to call the phone number they stamp into the back of all Minis. They could dispatch someone, but since Im out of warranty it would cost.
Becs - I outweigh you. I'd kick your ass.
Caroline - Yeah, I saw lots of police cars someplace odd on Friday too - like at the Chevy's in the morning.


back in 07 i ran out of gas approx 4 times in as many months, i only told my friends about 2 of those times. . .sometimes i still find myself waiting till the gas tank gets just above E to refill, apparently i like to live on the edge, or something


Keri - Well, there's built-in excuse on the Mini: the gas gauge is in the middle of the dashboard, not by the steering wheel. I wait for the E too, because otherwise you have to go to the gas station twice as many times.

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