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December 09, 2009



Squee Marzipan Flurm made perfect sense to me, but then again, I have an "actual" friend called skippy.

I should probably write a significant blog post. It's been months.

I think I might only like skippy because he called his blog "skippy the bush kangaroo".

Anyway, back to you. Squee! Marzipan! Flurm!


Tami - What? Posts have to be "significant?"


No, no, of course they don't. I just had a hankering for that. It passed.


Tami - whew.


Wow, this is definitely a quite demotivational spin-off from the usual DiSC assessments that I get to see. Then again, what's important is that you got to learn from that experience!


Serge - can't help it, I'm a Developer type.

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