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December 20, 2009



But, but, but... SERIOUSLY??? No! You must be joking. Are you? She gave communion??? Can ordinary people DO that? It's so many kinds of wrong I don't know where to begin. And I'm not even religious.

Yeah, you're joking. Have to be.


Big Dot - No. It wasn't somber and organized, but she said "Who wants communion" and I was up for it, then she said "This is the body," and I resisted snapping it out of her fingers like a dog, and then she placed it on my tongue and I said "Amen," and then I commented on the lack of taste of Jesus, then she and I talked a little about transmogrification. God will strike me dead soon.


Nah, you're sweet. Just get her to hear your confession and you're sorted.


The priest who runs the Bible study I attend sporadically is of the Charismatic stripe. Not only does he not think laity should administer communion, but he wants to go back to on your knees at the rail with your tongue stuck out. I kind of like the tongue stuck out method. I used to worry all the time about dropping the Host on the floor.


You know, just this morning I was thinking about how if we ever met in person (despite being in the same place at the same time for 2 weeks of our lives so far without meeting), I can NEVER meet Gary's mother. NEVER. Could not look her in the face. The dog thing was bad enough, but now Host? Nope can't ever happen.

Erin G.

heh heh heh. That's funny.

Freddie just managed his first communion at our church as a Deacon. After the service, he was cleaning up in the church kitchen and he asked one of the little old ladies who prepare the crackers and grape juice before the service, "What do we do with the leftover little glasses of grape juice that have already been poured?" He was about to pour it down the sink when one of the ladies stopped him and was all, "Oh, don't do THAT. Just pour it back into the juice bottle, we can still use that next time."


Armed with this new piece of information, Freddie emailed the associate pastor and asked him to "kindly throw out the opened bottles of juice on Monday morning."

Recycled, stale, and previously breathed on "Jesus"? That's just WRONG.

By the way, I did not know you could buy Host. We just use unsalted saltines that we crinkle up inside the wrapper and then pour out onto a plate!

Amy in StL

I'm not sure how I would have reacted if someone tried to hand out host. And did you notice on that link that there's one that breaks into 69 pieces. Sixty-nine.... that's wrong.


About a year ago we were making pita pizzas at home. I gave Rebecca a piece of cold Canadian bacon to try before putting it on her pita. She liked it. Then she got all excited and asked, "Is this what you and Daddy eat at the front of the church?"


Big Dot - Hail Wilma, Full of Grace
Becs - Wilma does it Tongue Stuck Out.
Tami - Oh, no. You can't think that. Sure, she passes Host around at parties like reefer, but she's really sweet.
Erin G - I didnt know you could buy "golden" and "amber" Blood of Christ. Weird.
Amy in StL - I was driving home and trying to remember if 69 is prime. Whew - got home and saw it's not a grid.
Caroline - Next time say "the Body of Christ" and put it on her tongue. I bet she'll play Mass with all of her friends.


I am going to pretend I am a church and order me a case of that sacrament wine and stay smashed all holiday season.

Hot Mom

Hattie, I'm on my way over...

Queen, Wilma scares the crap out of me.


Hattie -do you even have to pose as a church? Jesus for everyone!
Hot m - noooo... She's sweet


Hilarious. And I have to agree with Hot Mom: Wilma scares the crap out of me.

Let me know when she see the Virgin Mary in her Metamucil.


3 - Duh! And we got her a toaster for Christmas! How did we not get her the toaster that burns the image of the Virgin Mary on the bread?

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