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December 06, 2009



Oh God. You are so funny!


I so would try that.



"Fondant is a thick, creamy white sugar mass" = from http://www.baking911.com/decorating/cakes_fondant.htm


Sorry your dream was more like my vision. I think that if you had left out the center pie crust it might have been a little easier to eat. It does look quite yummy, though, I mean, frosting *and* ganache? I'm so there.

I recently made eggnog spritz cookies. I thought they were boring and dry, and when I went to see how many were left, the answer was zero. You never know what people are going to like.


Hattie -This is science and experimentation, Hattie. This is serious stuff.
.75 - If my boss ate the piece I left her then it is all gone.
Magpie - Cool how you can roll fondant flat. I didn't want another separate cake-pie element, things werent merging already.
Tami - As it turned out, the only comment was that while the cake was moist, additional moisture was required, and had I considered an ice cream layer? That would have pulled it all together.

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