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November 08, 2009



I'm with you...I no longer have a bucket list (won't be having kids either!) but a cool "done that" list. On my list was to go to San Francisco and New Orleans and I've done those.

Your list is pretty darn cool too!

Now I'm just hoping to go to Canada and Europe someday as well as visit the Baseball Hall of Fame someday.

So what's your "kissed a girl" story? heh


Kidnapped by a parent? Sounds creepy.

I've got a pretty cool Done list too, but right now I'd just like to be able to add "Got through a whole day without forgetting something."


You totally almost died. Have you forgotten the anaphylactic(sp?) reaction that resulted in the naming of the heartless cows?


.75 -You were there. I kissed Marcia on the teeth.
Big Dot -http://mocklog.typepad.com/queen_mediocretia/2006/08/in_which_my_por.html
I havent been forgetting things lately. Have you upgraded your iPhone? I did and I got a voice recorder. Very handy.
Caroline - Oh, blue, schmoo. I was fine.




Hahahahaha -"I just float around until things happen." OMG, that is my life! And it always worked so well, too, until right now when suddenly it does not, and I have no idea what to do about it. My Done list is pretty cool too, it's my To Do list I am having trouble with.


Ooh... good list! Well, except for the "eating brains" part... were you a zombie at the time? :-)

Here's mine.


I almost died once, it totally sucked. Don't bother with that one. The only good thing that can be said about it was that I did, in fact, survive.

I think. You've never seen me in person, so there's not even any proof.


.75 - I wasn't good. Didn't like it. Maybe it was Marcia's fault.
Gaoo - I think you need to eat some brains, that's what I think.
Dave2 - No, just bored with regular food. Of course, that's what a zombie would say.
Tami - Maybe you don't really exist!

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