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November 10, 2009



I don't associate you two with understatement, but - the reaction to eating a puppy would be a Tone???


I have The Look. It is known to melt testicles at fifty paces.


Two years is not nearly long enough. I applaud you for being able to joke about it! Progress. Your mom would be proud.

Mrs. Hall

so what happened the lunch box?

just curious.


Big Dot - Hey, Gary's the one who said it. Actually, he said "eating a baby" but he amended it to "eating a puppy" when he remembered, "Yeah, you don't care about babies."
Becs - Mwah! If we combined our powers we would be invincible!
Gaoo - Not proud. Mom-in-my-head is the one telling me to sell the mailbox (and thus keep it in the car for the next time I visit the antique store).
Mars Hall - up in the top of my closet. He has no say about that area.

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