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November 15, 2009



I know this sounds crazy, but what about your basic cast iron or regular old skillet for frying eggs?

There are many, many times when I'm glad I'm out of the consumer mainstream. This is one of them.


Don't capons have a hole drilled in their skulls? I dunno why, maybetp let all that testosterone out that's sloshing around inside?

Salt slabs, eh - the new cedar. Always some new damn thing.


OK, so that's trepanation, on people - an easy mistake to make. But capons are castrated - so no testosterone at all! Will that make it easier, or harder, for Gary to eat it?

Hot Mom

Castrated rooster. There is no testosterone.


I've never tried to cook a capon. I'm more a fan of larger amounts of meat than I am of smaller. I guess my exception to that would be rack of lamb. I love me some tiny lamb chops.

Capons aren't all dark meat, though, that seems like a silly assumption.

Mrs. Hall

ehem . . .

I made skillet apple and raisian pancakes yesterday morn.

it was mindblowing and only 6points.

so there!

take that!


Becs - I think what they should sell is a slab of bacon you can put over your gas fire and fry an egg on.
Big Dot - Do you know I took the five minutes between your comments to research "Roosters and trepanation." I am tempted to casually mention the role roosters played in the 1980 presidential election and have you try to find that snipe.
Hot Mom - Well, yes, that's rational. Gary claims that roosters and other animals have other sources of testosterone. I just say "okay" and move on.
Tami - I'd never cook one again - though the stock smells tremendous. I have no idea how much will be left after I remove the fat from it. I think a big flat of chicken thighs would give me want I want.
Mrs. Hall - I made chopped salad and I bet that's only 3 points! nyah!


Wings. Wings have the motherlode of the connective tissue on a chicken. They're the gold standard of chicken stock bases. Alton Brown said so!


Tami - good to know! I will buy wings to use in the Cream of Carpet and keep the cock stock for myself.

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