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November 26, 2009


Mrs. Hall

happy turkey day to Ellen :)


Thanks be to you for overcoming your shyness. ;)


Congratulations on your success at being thankful. It does seem a little more thankful, all around this year.


Don't forget to be thankful for the Internet which has brought you so many good friends who are never going to come to your house.


Mrs hall - It was fairly happy, thank you. And same to you and yours.
Crystal - Crystal is winking because she knows how often I yanked my shirt over my head on the last cruise.
Hattie - There was a theme over the nets of "thankful for friends and family."
Big Dot - You know, Erin G came close, she was in the same city.


Can your friends be thankful for you? Because I am.


Caroline - Evidently YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL. Gag!


I didn't make green bean casserole. Does that make me a stranger stranger? We had 2 kinds of dressing/stuffing to make up for my sudden lapse of judgment in making a different green vegetable.


Tami - Tonight I ate for dinner texas toast and rye bread with dill dip. I will not judge you.

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