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November 21, 2009



I nearly mugged a woman at the library book sale who had snatched up all the Callahan books.


Becs - I went to Wikipedia first and thought that was a clever twist on the author of The Cheating Culture. But then I went to Amazon and saw you meant this: http://tinyurl.com/yf4kp65
I want to read them both now.


Ah, Callahan. I used to see him around Portland in his wheelchair. Mean bastard, as some who knew him well could attest. But wildly funny, nonetheless.
I liked this cartoon: a sign in a restaurant: anorexic cafe: closed 24 hours a day.


Callahan. Looks like whoever put up the link liked that cartoon best, too.
Callahan took a lit class from a favorite prof of mine. Instead of handing in papers, he handed in cartoons. Finally the prof said, "Would you mind coming up here and explaining what your cartoons mean?" More, if this gets posted, but I think Type Pad is acting up again.


Ah. He also wrote a book called something like *The Lighter Side of Being Paralyzed From the Waist Down For Life.*


Hattie- seriously, I think I was meant for this man.


Yes, but don't get too close to him. He bites.

jessica fantastica

I saw Jackie (with blood & brains) in New Orleans this year. No 9/11 costumes tho.


Now this is why I love visiting you, Queen - the depths. Of insight, yes, but also just the depths.


Hattie - well, of course he bites, hes in a wheelchair. The question is, what part would he bite?
Jessica fantastica - New Orleans must be ahead of Chicago, then! This delights me.
Big Dot - I wonder if they have "no arms no legs" jokes in NZ. You could start a trend.

Hot Mom

Parker Posey wore blood-stained Chanel in The House of Yes (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119324/).

Of course, that movie was messed up.


Hot Mom - Yes, I remember, but I disqualified her because it wasn't just on Halloween. That was a great movie. Just the right amount of messed up.

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