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November 17, 2009



'Dentist feet'? 'Dentist feet'?? Now, 'dentist hug' I could understand, it's nice to be cradled, even with whining drills as part of the scenario...

I read the title as White Socks and recoiled, but then all was well.

Yeees, I'm going to be hung out to dry by the International Date Line here - first commenter on the freshness of my nightwear. Ok then - the plan is for all bedding etc to be changed once a week. But here in the real world? *cough* two weeks. Um, maybe more for the sheets etc. Damn.


Hells yes I wear my pajamas more than once. As long as no illness or weird sweating situation occurs, my main2 pair rotation goes on, and I wash them on Sundays. I have emergency extra-warm PJ's, too, but it's mainly a 2-pair rotation. When something's comfy enough to sleep in, you do.

Amy in StL

I can not sleep in pajamas. Which explains why I never get sleep why I travel - because I refuse to sleep in hotel sheets in the buff. Seriously, How do you people not get all twisted up in pajamas when you sleep? I always wake up feeling like I'm being strangled by fabric.


Sorry, it's my fault. I wasn't sure how to explain myself but then Faythe suggested I say this:

"I'm a crazy knitter who stalked you so I could make you some socks."

It's true. I only need to know what your favorite color is and an approximate shoe size. And since the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, do you prefer lace or cables? You know, if you would like some hand knit socks.

I should be ashamed but I'm not. Because of The Crazy. (Damn that Faythe and her always being right!)


Pajamas? No. I'm like Amy, getting tied in knots by 'em.

Erin G.

Wait -- TeddyJ tells you what color socks to wear? really??

Mrs. "Awesome incorporated" Hall

We bought a new toaster oven with the house. All sorts of fun. I buy the sarah lee 45 calorie bread (1 point per two slices), sprinkle some low fat garganzola cheese with sliced chicken breast. Add Goulden's mustard and some garlic pickles. THEN if I'm feeling ambitious, I add tomato and lettuce.

All told four or five points. all toasty from the oven


and perfectly stinky btw.

waaa hhhaaaa HIYA!


I feel so badly for you that the color of you socks is dictated by the company dress code. Even when I'm dressing like a grown up (which doesn't happen often), I reserve the right to rebel with my choice of socks.
Because, really? They think your quality of your work will diminish if you're wearing green or purple or striped or polka dot socks? Or socks with monkeys? (I confess, I own monkey socks, and they've been on my feet at a BNL show or two...)


I have willingly spent $15 for a pair of SmartWool socks. Several times. And I wear them and wear them and wear them.


I'm with Tami--sheets and pjs last a week unless I'm sick or sweaty. And thank you for publicly associating me with your urinary tract. That's because I have prettier toenails, isn't it? :p


Jeff used to say, "The clothes are winning again, aren't they" when I would get all twisted up in pjs.


Big Dot - All ashamed about going two weeks without washing the pjs? Girl, I've gone two weeks without pooping. Two weeks is nothing.
Tami - Hm, you only claim one week, but I see later Jammies gives you credit for two.
Amy in StL - No, it's the nightgowns that strangle you. Everytime I wear a nightgown I wake up with it completely under my armpits. PJs stay put.
Rayleen - That is too great! I was hoping someone was searching for those things for that very reason. My favorite color is Blue-green, shoe size 8, and I have no idea if I like lace or cable. No clue. Up to you. (Oh, and I assume you were the who boosted Spunky back on top?)
Magpie - What is it you people being twisted up - OH! I bet I know. I buy PJs two size too large. I bet yours fit, all of you.
Erin G - Well, no, but they expect business dress clothing and that means business pants and that means business socks, and you know that's why they call them business socks oh yeah baby it's business time.
Mrs Awesome Hall - Do you still have a fever?
Kristie - No, it's me, really. I'm on a head-to-toe matching trend, and since I now wear only Clarks slides, my heels show. So there would be a nice hot sweaty monkey heels exposed. I did it at my last job, and I wore some panda socks last weekend though.
Becs - I will take your advice. I considered them but had no recommendation.
Jammies - Your toes are not prettier. Spunky snaps her toes at you.
Gaoo - Maybe I don't notice because I'm already cocooned in the sheet.

Tray Table Stowed



My secret to pajamas that don't twist up on me is *very* springy jersey knit or the slippery cheap acetate satins. They work with you in the whole turning over thing, instead of against you. I have a pair of awesome cheap satin pj's in a black and white toile pattern with black lace that I got at the Avenue that I absolutely adore. I also have a rule that pajama tops should not have sleeves. While I am loathe to go sleeveless in public, I have to be really cold to risk sleeve twisting when I'm trying to sleep. Anyone seeing me in my pajamas can handle seeing my arms.

I love this subject. I should blog about it.


Sleepin' nekid is what nature intended!

You have a sock dress code?

Well so do I but I am a nurse and they have to color code us.


LuckyBroadwayGirl - I knew you'd get that.
Tami - it's another "How to Cook Rice!"
Zayrina - but nekid is so cold that first instant on the cold sheets. And, no, there's no dress code except that I'm on the edge of inappropriate behavior at all times anyway, I'm starting to put my faith in appropriate socks.


Nope, I had nothing to do with spunky. I'll start looking for a pattern. :)


You need flannel sheets.


Rayleen - So spunky has a mystery patron/ess.
Caroline - No, they'd make me too hot.

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